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The Shade: Chainbreakers

Episode 3: Chainbreakers. For many in the US, the prospect of unfair detention and jail time is all too real. These underprivileged groups, black people in particular, have matters made worse for them by the cash bail system, which punishes the poor with time behind bars before a trial even begins.

In this episode, we speak to Dr. Kortney Ziegler whose company Appolition funds sorely-needed justice to the bail system through the twin powers of tech and the crowd; and we speak to Atara Rich-Shea and Jacqui Bryant, the operatives on the ground bringing the funds to people, and mothers home for Christmas. Tech for good, for good.


Episode 3: Chainbreakers

Charity and Alex speak to the co-founder of the bail-bond app Appolition and to the operatives on the ground bringing the funds to the people(23:54)


 →  Get the toolkit, your first step in becoming part of the National Bail Out movement.

Music by Nangdo—The Look & Blank & Kytt—RSPN

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