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The Shade: Fingertipping

Touch, Smell, Taste, See, Hear: the five senses as we know them. If you dig deeper though, you’ll find that many more exist (just google “proprioception”). Dig down further, you’ll see that we’re able to create even more with machines.

In this episode, we speak to two big names in biohacking—the expansion of senses and experiences through the power of technology. First, Amal Graafstra, whose company Vivokey, makes payments and unlocks doors by sticking NFC chips in people’s hands. Next, Frank Swain, the man who hacked his own hearing aid to hear WiFi. Are these two cyborgs? Maybe. Are they in The Shade? You bet your implant.


Episode 5: Fingertipping

Alex and Charity speak to Amal Graafstra and Frank Swain about biohacking—the use of technology to expand sense and experience (24:29)


→ Interested in sticking a chip in your hands? Head over to Amal’s site to find more

Music by Nangdo—The Look & Blank & Kytt—RSPN

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