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The Shade: High Finance

Episode 2: High Finance. Cannabis. Weed. Dope. Trees. The controversial but popular plant is seeing a renaissance now that it’s becoming legalised in states in the US. With opportunity comes startups. With startups comes disruption, but who exactly is being disrupted?

In most industries it’s some creaky old corporate with slightly unwashed carpeting, but with weed it’s the man on the street, the little guy, your friendly neighbourhood dealerman, and they’re not going down without a fight. In this episode of The Shade we hear from two sides of the new cannabis tech frontier: a dealer on the street using financial technology to survive and thrive, and a VC powering the new wave of tech startups.

Tune in to find out more.

Episode 2: High Finance

Charity and Alex speak to a cannabis dealer using financial technology, and to Casa Verde Capital, a VC powering the new wave of tech startups (21:59)


Fast-forward to 2038 and imagine the future of legal cannabis

Music by Nangdo—The Look & Blank & Kytt—RSPN

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