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The Shade: F&M

Episode 1: F&M. Let’s be honest. All kinds of things go on behind closed doors, especially bedroom doors. Kinks and preferences range from the absurd to the sublime, and in this episode of The Shade we’re definitely erring on the side of the former.

Enter Findom, the kink in which the submissive is really into someone completely taking control of their finances. In this episode we speak to an unnamed dominatrix at the forefront of the practice, who tells us all about what her client’s are into, and Kate Moyle, a psychosexual therapist applying real science to the tastes and preferences of others. Wacky kink with no parallel—or Power Games just like everything else? Either way, we’ve dived straight in to find out more. Because with doors: you never know quite what’s behind them.


Episode 1: F&M

Charity and Alex discuss financial domination with a dominatrix at the forefront of the practice and psychosexual therapist Kate Moyle (24:24)


→  For more on mastering the art of financial domination

Music by Nangdo—The Look & Blank & Kytt—RSPN

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