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We are particularly interested in:

The intersection of financial services and [x], where [x] is an adjacent sector like design, media, healthcare, government, education, etc. etc., especially if your point of origin is the adjacent sector. Or, conversely, those who can break something financey down to the person in the adjacent sector in a non-patronizing way.

Dream pitch: “Hi there, it’s Donna Haraway. Perhaps I can write something about the recent proliferation of roboadvising platforms for women and how those products sprang from feminist cybertheory? Hahahah jk they totally didn’t and here’s why.”

When Donna calls, we answer. Cayenne too.

Humans. Are you one? Can you write like one? Are you willing to prove this by not talking like a Thought Leader but a Real Live Human? Like, in the first person (“I”) with anecdotes drawn from your own life? If you can lose the PR agency for a hot minute and really go there, do.

Dream pitch: “You don’t know me, but that UBS dress code memo about colorful and visible underwear? Yep. That was me. And I can tell you how it alllll went down.”

Difference-makers. People working on projects to make financial services more diverse, inclusive, and create a future beyond winners and losers should get in touch, stat. You don’t have to be the founder or the boss. Just someone doing the work.

Dream pitch: “No one knows what we’re doing at X. Maybe it’s because we’re not in New York, London or SF. Or because we’re all women. Or because we’re bootstrapped? Anyway. EVERYBODY SHOULD!”

Provocateurs. Perhaps you have something to say that hasn’t been said. Perhaps you’re going to be the one to finally point out the thing that everyone knows but no one is willing to articulate. Perhaps no one has told you this lately, but you are awesome, and please say the thing. Here.

Dream pitch: Sorry, I can’t write this dream pitch because once written it would no longer be fit for a provocateur, and I don’t want to be too leading. So, surprise me.

What you are interested in. Yes, right, this whole *waves hands around* thing is about financial services. But also not. Because financial services = everything. So show us the everything you care about and tell us why other people in finance should care about it, too.

Dream pitch: “I am obsessed with defunct childrens’ cereal brands from the late 70s/early 80s. Why did they go away? And where did they go ‘to,’ you ask? Oh, I’m a supply chain expert in the CPG industry, and I’ve got THEORIES…”

Meeting your daily extranutritional requirements

We are not particularly interested in:

Breaking news. A hot take is fine. A warm take, slowly simmered on the stovetop so the flavors come together, is better. But y’all should know by now, the gumbo always tastes better on the second day. Slow food, slow takes.

Shameless self-promotion. Go peddle your products elsewhere. Don’t make me pull out the old Jesus Christ Superstar “this temple is a place for prayer, you have made it into a den of thieves” reference, sorry everyone.

Inside baseball. Literally the only reason to give us five tips about how incumbents can successfully deploy blockchain is if the whole thing is a dirty limerick that starts, “there once was a fella named Tapscott.” We love trade publications; this is not one.

If you have read this far and aren’t frightened by the prospect of having your work appear here, you can pitch us at

Good luck.

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