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Hacking Finance No.1: Movement

The first issue of our brand-new print magazine is now available for purchase. Hacking Finance No.1: Movement, showcases the evolution within organizations and inside the minds of the people who are shaping the future of finance—whether they know it or not.

You’ll get a wide view—and the long view—on subjects that don’t seem particularly finance-y: skateboarding, colonialism, outer space. You’ll also find a deeply personal profile of Carlota Perez, academic-in-residence at Anthemis, whose work focuses on the social and economic impact of technological change.

Inside this time of bold leaps and big shifts, from GDPR to the U.S. midterm elections, we chose movement as the theme and organizing principle of Issue No.1. We wanted to explore financial policy, opportunity and access.

Movement is also skate culture, an economy unto itself. It is the data that shapes the steps in a Rwandan kids’ dance class; the technology behind a first-generation hydrogen fuel cell car; the immigrants who arrive to build businesses and lives.

Why print? Because we believe it is the ideal medium to read and reflect on these longform stories about what finance can be.

So much of the information we consume is ephemeral. Keep Hacking Finance on your desk. Touch it. Lend it to a friend.

Let it remind you why you do what you do—and that finance, despite moving toward a digital future, will always have an impact on the physical world and the people whose hands touch these pages.

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