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Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat 2019

The 8th annual Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat brought innovators new and old together for some off-the-grid magic and manufactured serendipity in Méribel, France.

July 11, 2019
Méribel, France

Democratizing Finance

What role can design and tech play in making finance fair, accessible, and inclusive? 

Finance is at the heart of our economies and societies. Like power or transport networks, finance should be something that enables and empowers us. What does finance look like when it serves everyone? What role can design play in democratizing finance? What role should it?

Join AnomalyHacking Finance and PSFK for a New York Fintech Week conversation featuring startups and thinkers designing solutions to make finance fairer, more accessible, and more inclusive.

What does “good design” look like in financial services? If marble columns no longer convey trust…what does? Is innovation still possible at the user experience level? Who gets to design the business models of the future? Are creatives the key to unlocking financial inclusion? When banks mimic startups mimic banks, does anyone win?

Natasha Jakubowski, Head of Innovation, Anomaly

Rob Petrozzo, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Rally Rd.
Katherine Wu, Former Director of Business Development, Messari
Reilly Carpenter, VP of Experience and Design, Kindur
Leslie Campisi, Editor, Hacking Finance

Event Info:
Doors open 5:30 PM

Panel begins at 6:30 PM
Networking from 7:30–9:00 PM

Hosted by Anomaly, Hacking Finance and PSFK
Celebrating New York Fintech Week

April 2, 2019
536 Broadway, 6th Floor
Soho, NYC
Subway: 6 to Spring, RW to Prince or BDFM to Broadway-Lafayette

Hacking Finance No.1: Movement Launch Party

On December 5th, an eclectic crowd of investors, entrepreneurs, academics, designers and artists filled a balloon-laden Unit 6, an art gallery in London’s Covent Garden, for the Hacking Finance No. 1: Movement launch party. Guests with backgrounds in art and banking, design and engineering, fashion and real estate, film and many more, got a first look at the issue.

December 5, 2018
6a Langley Street
Covent Garden

Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat 2018

Every July we bring a small group of innovators inside—and outside—financial services to a secluded village in the French Alps to network, relax, and reimagine the industry’s future. Here’s a top ten list of the best moments from 2018.

July 11, 2018
Méribel, France

Working It: The Labor Force in Literature & Beyond

Our inaugural Hacking Finance Live took place on May Day, bringing finance and literary folk together to meet, talk and spark candid conversations about what work means today—and what it might tomorrow.

In collaboration with literary event series H.I.P. Lit, we gathered some of our favorite local writers to read excerpts of their work and join a panel discussion.

Myles E. Johnson, author of Large Fears
Alison Kinney, author of HOOD
Gregory Pardlo, author of Air Traffic
Tyler Wetherall, author of No Way Home: A Memoir of Life on the Run

May 1, 2018
Brooklyn Art Library
28 Frost Street
Brooklyn NY 11211
Subway: L to Lorimer

Anthemis Hacking Finance Retreat 2017

More than 150 members of the greater Anthemis and Hacking Finance ecosystems attended AHFR17 last July.

July 12, 2017
Méribel, France